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Crayon Shaving “stained glass”–Finding Inspiration From Local Artists

Sunday was truly a November day. I woke up and it was grey and rainy with reported temperatures in the 30s. Immediately, I was cranky. I had planned to head out for a walk with my family and then diverge to explore the Roslindale Open Studios, but looking out the window I decided that staying in the house in my PJs was much more appealing.  I put on my grumpy face and prepared to sulk all day.

But then my husband when outside to take out the trash, and of course Morgan insisted on helping. So they put on their shoes and coats over their pajamas and trekked down two flights of stairs to the dismal backyard.  The rain had settled to an oppressive mist. Once the trash was in the bins, Morgan sat down on the stoop.

“Wait here,” he said.

“What for what?” my husband asked.

“What on step for Daddy. Daddy go get dressed. Take walk.” At which point my husband tried to talk our toddler out of a cold, damp walk and failed. Instead he managed to convince Morgan that he couldn’t go out in his pajamas either, so the two of them came inside to get dressed. Faced with the option of staying home by myself and spiraling into a well of weather-inspired self-pity or bundling up and going out with the family, I chose the latter.

So after a quick trip to Dunkin’ Donuts* for hot beverages and a snack, I found myself visiting the Open Studios after all. I hadn’t originally planned to bring Morgan–how much attention span can a two-year-old really have for art?–but with it too cold and damp for the playgrounds we needed somewhere to take the little guy. And it turns out that my two-year-old at least can have a surprisingly long attention span.

The first artist we visited, Kasey Davis Appleman, works in mixed media collage with found objects. I carried Morgan from room to room looking at all the intricate assemblages and taking to him about the objects used to make the art. He wanted to find all the pieces with spoons, then all the sea shells. A few had some tiny cars in them, which made my little guy dimple up and smile from ear to ear.  We went through the place twice before Morgan declared that he was all done and asked to go somewhere else.

So we followed the sidewalk chalk arrows to the displays of balloons until we came to the Roslindale House group exhibit.  Morgan was particularly captivated by the stained glass work of Peter Guilday, specifically his glass stars.  Given that it is now dark early and the day persisted in being seasonably cold, I decided to carry on the art theme after Morgan’s nap. We made our own “stained glass” using crayon shavings, wax paper, and an iron.

Morgan picking colors for his stained glass

Morgan picking colors for his stained glass

Morgan had a lot of fun sprinkling the colors onto the wax paper. We had to send Daddy into another room to shave more crayons for him. I was afraid that Morgan would be upset if he saw us messing up his crayons.

Morgan's Stained Glass circle

Morgan’s Stained Glass circle

Once Morgan gets started on a craft project, he’ll run with it for an hour or so. We made stained glass in all different shapes and sizes. I saved the off cuts–who knows, maybe I’ll find something fun to do with them later.



One thought on “Crayon Shaving “stained glass”–Finding Inspiration From Local Artists

  1. how sweet- I am so glad i took the time to read this and view the pictures. Nicely done all the way and I am glad you got out and had a good day.

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