New knitting project tote from madbird!

It was early spring 2009. I had just opened ElephunksTrunk on etsy and was beginning to explore the forums. I stumbled across a thread started by Eclecticasia for shops with less then ten sales and I met my first etsy friends there. Alecia of madbird was one of those friends. With her products in several local boutiques in addition to over a thousand sales on etsy, Alecia has achieved an enviable level of success. While I’ve sprinkled hearts all over her knitting organizers and project bags. over the past year I never actually got one. Knitting had been a sort of background hobby for me until an hour commute convinced me to start making knit hats to sell. I can’t bring my sewing machine on the bus, but I can bring my knitting!

And now I can bring it in style with this gorgeous madbird project bag:

What I love about this bag: It’s the perfect size for my knitting projects. The padded, square bottom lets it stand up and stay open so I can get to my work. Also, it is beautiful and expertly made!

The best part? I won this beauty in a giveaway! Last month I learned from madbird’s facebook page that she was running a giveaway on ravelry. The more I chatted on her thread, the more chances I would have to win, since she would be picking a random post number as the winner. When she drew the number last week, it was me!

And it gets even better! Alecia does a ravelry giveaway every month with different prizes. This month you can vote one what prize you want to win. So come on by the August Giveaway Thread and chat with us for a chance to win your own madbird goody. You do need to be a member of madbird’s ravelry group to win.

Now I just need to order one of these fancy organizers to hold my needles and I’ll be all set!