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Celeste Bocchicchio-Chaudhri grew up in Kent, OH writing stories in her parents’ blue KSU examination books. She collects hobbies the way toddlers collect pebbles, going through frenzied spurts of knitting, drawing, painting, crocheting, sewing, millinery, writing, and lately, learning to play the guitar.  Currently working as a mother to an almost-two-year-old boy, she has previously worked as a pre-K teacher, a library clerk, a program coordinator, and a Peace Corps volunteer. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and Religious Studies from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an MA in South Asian Studies from the University of Michigan, and has taken graduate courses in Women’s Studies at Emory University.

Celeste’s poetry has been published in three chapbook anthologies: A Small Thirsty Song, First Stage 1998, and Sing Muse, Play Muse, all produced by the Poet’s League of Greater Cleveland.  She has collaborated on and contributed to many zines including Galatea’s Pants, Seeking the Lotus, and Our Country: The Vagina Monologues Zine.

Celeste’s millinery creations have been on display at the UFORGE gallery, Dame, the Boston Handmade Holiday Gallery, Artist’s Crossing Holiday Gallery, and Sarida, all in Boston, MA, and are currently for sale at the Chirstina Hurley Gallery in Canton, MA.



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